Corporate & Private Events

Promoting team success and holidays 


Promoting Your Team’s Success and Making Holidays Memorable

One way to improve your team’s productivity and to foster team spirit is to have a party in honor of their hard work. CrossFade Entertainment has a corporate event DJ that can create an exceptional experience for you and your team members.

We also handle private events like holiday parties for corporations and other business entities. When you are looking for a professional and courteous entertainment specialist, you don’t have to look any further than CrossFade Entertainment.

We serve the Northern Illinois areas of Rockford, Chicago, Freeport, DeKalb, St. Charles, and Elgin for all of your corporate or private event needs.


Corporate events require corporate attire, and CrossFade Entertainment knows this. Our DJs are professional and courteous, wearing the best formal wear while providing you with the best corporate event DJ services.

Your guests will be entertained by our DJ and the music selected for your private event. Call today to find out what our corporate event DJ can do for your party.


Not all songs are suitable for a corporate party. Our corporate events DJ will only play the right music for your party by using your input on what you want to hear.

If you aren’t sure what music you need at your event, we have premade playlists that are suited for these kinds of events. We only offer the best for our corporate events.


When your venue is not quite as flashy as you want for your party, CrossFade Entertainment offers special lighting that can make a real difference. Our lighting effects can enhance the mood of any corporate party.

Our lighting capabilities include 16 million colors along the spectrum, with the ability to sync to your musical selections. When it is time to hit the dance floor, our spotlights make the perfect strobe light.

Ask us how our new Cold Spark Machine can add flare to your corporate event.